Contact Your Client Professional – CRM – Why to Buy

These are the main five reasons why to consider Contact Your Client Professional as your CRM

  1. Full-featured, fully integrated CRM
  2. Advanced E-mail and Marketing Automation
  3. Built-In Accounting Capabilities
  4. Unique Power Business Builder Tools
  5. Price Performance Leader

Now let’s explore in detail each one of these reasons:

1. Full-featured, fully integrated CRM – without expensive add-ons

Some of the main CRM features include:

  • Contact & Account Management. Allows you to quickly find contacts or accounts, schedule call-backs (with reminders), and record all history–nothing slips through the cracks. CRM
  • Opportunity Management. Helps you to qualify and capture within your CRM the potential deal size, time-frame and manage the sales pipeline to ensure proper follow-up to close the deal.
  • Template Manager. The CRM includes a built-in word processor with unlimited conditional fields that can be merged into group emails, printed, faxed or uploaded as pages to your website.
  • Territory Management. Customers or prospects can be assigned within the CRM to sales reps by product, type or markets to align with regions or expertise. Can also include automatic round-robin lead distribution with exclusive access privilege by rep, manager or admin.  Makes it easy for an entire team to work off a shared database while maintaining exclusive access.
  • Sales Forecasting & Pipeline Reports. Know at a glance the status of your company from the CRM Financial Desktop that is fed from Invoices, Receivables, Payables, Bank balances, and Products sales. Don’t waste time pulling reports and deciphering charts.
  • Partner & Affiliate Management. Includes a commission system, one-click online portal content creation, marketing material uploads for affiliates, unlimited domain interactions, and an affiliate lead finder. Makes it easy to create and manage your own affiliate program within your CRM.
  • Telemarketing. Includes scripts manager, responses, lead finder, and auto-dialer to provide all the necessary tools to handle an internal telemarketing campaign.
  • Document Management. Link and save unlimited documents within the CRM.  PDF, Word, Excel and other major document types are supported. Saves time jumping from program to program and helps you keep your documents connected to your accounts.
  • Group Calendars. View the calendar of tasks for an individual or multiple users or groups and control scheduling conflicts
  • Customer Support Management. Integrated FAQ, a support ticketing system, and unlimited canned responses for your support team make it easier to effectively manage your customer needs.


2. Advanced E-mail and CRM Marketing Automation

Unlike other popular CRMs, Contact Your Client includes powerful e-mail and marketing automation built-in–saving you the expense of additional add-ons to promote your business. Features include:

Best CRM

  • Integration with Amazon Web Services
    Be able to connect and send personalized emails from the CRM to AWS. Speeds up to 200,000 emails per day are possible. Also, you can link our Autoresponder to AWS for automatic sending of emails at high speed. Get reports of Delivered, Bounces, Complains, Clicks and Views. Know what links were clicked inside your emails and trigger workflows based on that. It is a dream come true.
  • Marketing Automation. Trigger tasks, task groups, e-mail, auto-responders, SMS text and computerized or recorded voice messages, enter notes, run files, open URLs, change contact status, and link or clear other workflows.  A unique report that lets you visualize all conditions within your CRM for easy maintenance and shows which contacts are included for each step of the workflow. Helps you maintain complete control of your automated sales and marketing efforts.
  • Unlimited Mass E-mail System. You can add unlimited e-mail accounts and run unlimited manual or automated e-mail campaigns. You do not need to subscribe to a mass e-mail service to prospect or stay in touch with your contacts.
  • IP Protection System. You can send your e-mails from your CRM or to another remote domain before it goes to the recipient, protecting your computer IP from hackers, blacklisting, and suppression.
  • Integrated Auto-Responder.  Assign automatic responses to e-mails, tasks, or workflow triggers. CRM-E-mailMakes it easy to set up automatic responses to be more responsive to customer needs and for marketing drip campaigns.
  • Rule Manager. Identifies conditions and trigger a set of actions within the CRM: from a simple reply to sophisticated auto-responders, workflows, round-robin assignments, parsing the e-mail and automatically creating contact records.


3. Built-In Accounting – CRM

  • Integrated Invoice System. Full- invoice system for services and product invoices with integrated product inventory and catalog creation. The CRM includes a billing system to send and receive payments from anywhere. This allows you to accept partial payments, credit cards and ACH checks and e-mail, fax or print invoices.CRM Accounting
  • Inventory Management. Unlimited product inventory, catalog and web store creator and manage supplier side information.
  • Account Receivables. Includes payment plan manager, invoicing from receivables, recurring receivables, automatic commission triggering, triggered workflow on declined and approved charges, and credit card, ACH checks and draft check charging within the CRM.
  • Accounts Payable. Recurring payables, same client payable check consolidation. Interacts automatically with account receivables to reveal charge-backs and refunded receivables.
  • Debt Reduction Analyzer. Control dates and suggest ideal payments for each debt in order to reduce debts and pay them in a shorter time based on a monthly budget. Very useful for budget management.
  • Financial Desktop. Shows the status of the company based on forecast and aging receivables, payables, invoices, products sold, and bank balances with charts and numbers.


4. Unique CRM Power Business Builder Tools

Includes many features that are incredibly valuable to a small business, but are not even available anywhere as a stand-alone application.

  • CRM Marketing AutomationPowerful CRM De-dupe Capabilities. Field by field comparison and one-click duplicate checker.  Allows you to define multiple combinations and setup one-click, color-coded comparisons to ensure there are no double entries.
  • Password and License Manager. Manage unlimited passwords and license data, create passwords, and open login URLs in one place.
  • Virtual Contacts. Your private contact groups can be posted to the cloud with a single click inside your CRM to enable remote access when out of the office. You or your agents can update the remote data and it can be easily synced with the main program later.
  • Time Manager. Control time spent by agents on the program and control and assign consultation time with an hourly rate and easily export the results to the invoice system to bill clients.
  • Task Groups. Add multiple tasks to leads, agents or company departments with ease. QR Code Generator. Generate your own QR Codes which can be copied to your mobile or sent to clients, agents, and prospects.


5. CRM Price Performance Leader

Contact Your Client is much less than the combined applications it replaces.  When you add the cost for accounting, mass email, and marketing automation programs alone–you are about 1/3rd the cost of other popular options–plus, no double entry.  Benefits include:

Affordable CRM

  • Flexible payment options. Available as a license (with an available purchase option) or monthly access–whatever option works best for you.
  • No CRM Add-Ons Required. Contact Your Client is a complete Business Management Suites for SMB–you are not charged for separate add-ons (like several popular CRM “engines”.)
  • No support fees for basic needs.
  • Try it for free. You have a full 30 days to take it for a test run–no cost, no obligation–you have nothing to lose. Plus, there are numerous video tutorials that help you to understand most of the features.

All of this with a “no-menu” interface to speed access to basic or power CRM features.